Pool Fencing
Our pool fencing products are made in our workshop from 30mm square tube and 16mm round tube Galavanised Steel.

Our Product is
NOT FACE WELDED. Instead, we drill our rails so that the round tube passes through the the centre of the rail and then welded in place. This adds extra strength and also looks better.

Our Perimeter or Garden fencing is made from the same material, and to the same standard, as our Pool fencing and can be used for either purpose. The fence is then oven baked powdercoated to a choice of most popular colours.
There are some imported pre-made panels on the market being sold as perimeter fencing, and pool owners are installing it as pool fencing which will not pass Council inspection. These are generally made of lighter and more flexible material which will provide an illegal gap when the bars are squeezed together.

If the panel is marked perimeter or garden fencing, then it cannot be used around a pool.
Drilled Rails
Face Welded
The images below show examples of some styles available
Staggered Spears
Loop & Spear
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