Steel Privacy Fencing
All Steel Privacy Fencing, Steel Lattice and Plinth photos are displayed with permission and courtesy of Gramline
For all our NEW fencing installations we use Gramline products exclusively. These products are manufactured from Quality, Certified, Tested and prepainted Hi-Tensile Steel.

If you have an existing fence that does not require full replacement, ie you just need some damaged infill sheets replacing, we will attempt to match your existing fence if that product is still available.
Gramline is NOT Colorbond. Colorbond is a brand maufactured by Bluescope Steel.
Gramline is a stand alone, proprietary brand in it's own right
There are a variety of installations and colours to complement and enhance your property with your new fence. The photos here are just some examples of what can be done.

Please click on an image for a larger picture.
For your convenience, a colour chart can be found here for the available colour range.
Here you can have your fence all one colour.
Get Creative. Provide a picture frame effect to break up the colour.
Provide a backdrop to enhance your gardens, pool or entertainment areas. Make them stand out.
Incorporate steel fencing into existing brickwork for added strength and style
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