Terms & Conditions
Title Of Goods
All products remain the property of WA LATTICE SUPPLIES until such time as the customer has paid for these products in full.
The initial quote for a property will be carried out FREE of charge. Any subsequent re-quote for the same property will incur a charge of $20.00 per quote.
It is the owner, or managing agents, responsibility to notify WA LATTICE SUPPLIES if they decide to proceed with the quote. This can be done by signing the "authorisation to proceed" box on the quote and either mailing or faxing the quote.
Details are on our Contacts page.
It is the owner, or managing agents, responsibility to provide to WA LATTICE SUPPLIES the adjoining neighbours details (including contact number) prior to commencing job. We cannot proceed until we have full authorisation from all parties of adjoining properties.
Payment is DUE IN FULL on the day when the job is completed. If you need to go to the bank, please do so before the job is done.
Payment defaulters will incur a $20.00 administration charge for each and every overdue notice sent.
We will require clear and unrestricted access to the work area. In the case of fences, we will require approximately 1 metre clearance around the fenceline to accommodate machinery and material. Any general rubbish, brick and rubble, animal droppings etc must be cleared prior to commencement.
We will require access to power and water as necessary.
It is the Customers resposibility to ensure they have enough funds available for payment on job completion.
Trees & Plants
It is the customers responsibility to clearly identify any reticulation pipes and sprinklers in or near the work area. While all due care is taken, WA LATTICE SUPPLIES will NOT be responsible for any damage, breakage or failure of any reticulation or plumbing during the normal conduct of work practice.
We will attempt to repair any small breakages, in good faith, where possible.
In some instances where there is paving, or gravel etc, which extends to the fencline, this will have to be removed. WA LATTICE SUPPLIES is NOT responsible or liable for the replacement, or cost of the replacement, of paving or material when the job is completed.
We are not paving experts, however we will attempt to re-insert the pavers as best we can and leave the area neat and tidy.
WA LATTICE SUPPLIES will NOT be held responsible to the survival of trees and plants in the work area, where these trees may need to be pruned or trimmed and smaller plants dug up.

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